WPmods.com Up for Sale on Flippa

WPmods.com up for sale on Flippa

UPDATE 5/9 12:45pm PST: With just 2 hours to go, the sale it up to $62,100 and 18 bids. Good luck Kevin!

UPDATE 5/11 9:32am PST: Congrats Kevin! He was able to hit his goal of selling it for $80,000, job well done.

WPmods.com, another great resource for all things WordPress, is up for sale on Flippa.

It’s already at a price of $30,000 and the listing states that the site brings in over $2,500 per month.

Why is he selling the site?

I recently launched a martial arts related website and it has had a very encouraging start. This has caused me to re-evaluate the direction of my company over the next two years.

My original plan for 2012 was to develop WP Mods aggressively and release 2 or 3 WordPress designs for free in order to build up traffic and increase the subscriber list of WP Mods. Afterwards I would launch a premium WordPress design through a marketplace such as ThemeForest in the second half of the year. I was also planning on launching a membership website that gave support to WordPress users via tutorials, videos and directly via discussion forums.

I am still keen on doing this but in order for me to develop my new website I need capital (the domain I need for branding is around $10k alone, design could be double that). Time is also a big problem. I’m travelling South America this year and whilst I can manage working on the road, I just don’t have the time to commit to both projects. As such, I have decided that my new project is more suitable to how I want to make a living online and selling WPMods.com is the best way for me to get capital for it and free up my time to develop it.

I wish Kevin all the best in his endeavors and that he gets a price that he is happy with for the site. (He’s seeking $80k+)

As a side note, I really find Flippa to be a great resource and encourage anyone that wants to sell a domain or a full site, to list it on Flippa first.


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    Thanks for the kind words Jonathan. Hopefully I can agree a fair price with a buyer.

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