WP Force restyled.

We’ve been doing a quick restyle on WP Force, moving it to the new Versatile theme by Yoast. Versatile is one of the new themes Yoast launched yesterday, there are two other ones, Vintage and Tailor Made, this is what Tailor Made looks like:

Tailor Made

And this is a nice example of Vintage running on Marieke van de Rakt (the COO at Yoast) her site mariekevanderakt.nl:

Vintage theme running on Mariekevanderakt.nl

Here at WP Force we’re currently not using the 3 after header sidebars that we could have on the frontpage, though we will soon.

As for further improvements to WP Force: some links in posts might still not work, we’re slowly working our way through all of those.


  1. By George on

    Congrats for acquiring WPforce! We really wait to see some fantastic designs with the “safety” or your coding. Best of luck!

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  2. By on

    Design looks great. Good to see how the design can be customised.

    I noticed the last two articles did not have featured images attached. Not sure if this was on purpose or simply forgot, so thought I’d mention it :)

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