WP Engine Prepares for a WordPress 3.5 Rollout

WP Engine.com TeamWP Engine is a WordPress managed hosting solution with tens of thousands of domains hosted within their network. Their clients range from small sites to big sites, all the way up to Fortune 500 sites, so upgrading to WordPress 3.5 is a rollout at scale.

Chris Errett, of WP Engine, sent out an email today notifying WP Engine customers that they are taking precautionary measures to help ensure that their customers’ sites are compatible with the upcoming WordPress 3.5 network upgrade they are performing.

It’s great to see a company being so proactive with its customers to ensure maximum compatibility and uptime across the board.

Here is the note WPEngine recently sent out to its customers.

Hey Folks,

It’s time to start update sites to 3.5! As part of our policy, we’re going to begin automatically updating all our customer sites soon. If you’ve already updated your site(s), you don’t need to worry about this email. But if you haven’t upgraded yet, please read on.

We’ll begin updating a small batch of sites this week, and then continue with the remaining sites after New Year’s day. 72 hours before YOUR Site(s) are updated, you’ll receive an email notification, and then 4 hours before the update you’ll receive another notification via email. Then, immediately after the update has successfully been completed, we’ll let you know that via email as well.

IMPORTANT: If you think the update to 3.5 will adversely affect your site, please open a ticket, help.wpengine.com, so we can add you to our deferment list.

To reiterate:
Updates will begin this week, and continue after New Year’s Day
You’ll be notified in advance both 72 hours and then 4 hours before we update your sites
You’ll be notified after the update your site successfully
If you would like to request a deferment, please submit a ticket, help.wpengine.com

Thanks for choosing WP Engine.

The WP Engine Technical Team
-Chris Errett


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    Hey Jonathan, thanks so much for the coverage! We work very hard to keep the experience of hosting WordPress for our customers happen as smoothly as possible! “Smooth” for us should mean when folks host with WP Engine they “never have to worry about their hosting company.”

    Thanks again for the coverage and the feedback :-)


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