WP Engine Announces New Dashboard and Production to Staging Test Environments

WP Engine, a managed WordPress hosting company, announced the release of their much anticipated next-generation dashboard and a brand new, fully functional feature: Production to and from Staging environments.

I think that the production to staging and back to production testing environment is by far the cooler announcement, let’s start with that.

WP Engine announced that with the new dashboard, you will be able to push your production environment into a staging environment. Make the changes you need, then push the staging environment back into produciton. Just as Austin wrote, no more “cowboy coding” or “fixing it live” for people that want to use this feature.

WPEngine: Production to Staging

All I can say is: AWESOME!

Next up, the WP Engine dashboard received a complete overhaul.

WPEngine New Dashboard

They utilized the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework and added Font Awesome…to make it awesome. But unfortunately, the dashboard is not responsive.

WPEngine New Dashboard

The functionality within the dashboard remained the same, such as managing multiple installs, domains, redirects, backup points, error log viewing, and access to phpMyAdmin.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the design and I’m excited to see it rolled out to everyone as the main dashboard.

If you haven’t moved over to WP Engine yet, now is a good time to sign-up and migrate over to their rock solid WordPress hosting platform. WPEngine.com

I’d love to hear your thoughts about the new functionality with production to staging environments, as well as the fresh look.


  1. By Brad Dalton on

    Great for WordPress Developers/ Designers and the fasting hosting for WordPress sites on the planet. There is no faster.

    Try getting your homepage to load in under a second using another web host,

  2. By on

    Congratulations to WP Engine on shipping this new staging-to-and-from-production feature. This is something we’ve had built-in to our platform at BlogDroid since the beginning and it’s great that more WordPress users will have access to it.