WP Daily Shuts Down

WP Daily

In what was an abrupt and shocking blog post yesterday, John Saddington announced that WP Daily is closing its doors.

WP Daily was a project for the company 8BIT, which John leads. 8BIT offers both software and physical goods, but they are best known for their Standard Theme. As a side project, John Saddington is also creating Pressgram.

WP Daily was an amazing resource, John and his team of writers were on top of everything WordPress.

At the end of the day, this is what John had to say about the project.

We achieved every single goal and metric that we had set out to accomplish (and then some) in this glorious experiment and so we consider it a “success.” But, it did not achieve the much larger global goals and strategy of our organization at this present time.

In a previous blog post, John wrote that the site was making around $3,000/mo from advertising, which is a good amount of revenue for a WordPress news blog. But to be able to successfully run something as a product or service, you do need to set the bar high for profitiability. That $3,000/mo may only barely cover the cost of the writers, let alone an actual profit for the company.

John wasn’t very specific on why the site shut down, but some people have speculated it was due to WP Daily being a distraction from their core focus, or maybe they’re working on something new and better. Or even related tot he iThemes GPL debacle that happened recently.

At the end of the day, WP Daily will be missed as part of the WordPress community, I hope that one day they return to the scene. We welcome them with open arms.

As an added bonus, Dre and Brad, better known as the DradCast, aired their weekly episode yesterday and their primary discussion was about the WP Daily shutdown. Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure.

“Just kidding!”

In a follow-up post, under 24 hours after announcing its shutdown, 8BIT co-founder John Saddington announced that WP Daily would stick around for “archiving purposes for the community.”

I have to agree that this is the better move for the site and resource. There were many pre-launch announcements already on the site, which other sites and services had used as its announcement, so to completely remove those from the web would actually be hurting the community.


    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      There are a couple reasons I can think of why they didn’t want to sell it [yet]. Either they’re going to look at resuming operations in the future or they wanted to just keep it their project.

      Whatever the reason is, it will certainly be a loss to the community for a great resource of news.