Matt Mullenweg to Oversee Development of Twenty Twelve Theme

Jane posted yesterday, as a recap of the core team’s meetings, that Matt Mullenweg will take the reigns and oversee the development of WordPress 3.4’s default theme, Twenty Twelve.

In the post, Jane highlights a few areas that “we,” possibly meaning the community or Automattic meaning the core team that was at the meetup (thanks Jane), want to see in the new default theme.

  • single post/permalink view with post formats is needed
  • variable height header image
  • mobile version
  • default to static front page (will need a function in core to auto-choose)
  • editor styles the same as front end.
  • avoid clever things that aren’t super-useful (like ephemera widget)
  • start with 2011 as base for code (or 2010, which has gotten more updates and had more eyes on it)
  • no featured image in header
  • by default – no header image

Since so many people often just enable the default theme and leave it, or maybe adjust the header, it will be great to really see something different that is out of the norm, for the WordPress 3.4 release.

In that wpdevel post, there’s some discussion around a “mobile version” and “responsiveness design,” however, Jane was defending different points about the direction that Twenty Twelve will take.


  1. By testbeta on

    so there’s a 2012 coming? was gonna shoot a mail to matt!
    thanks for the info!

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