Test Your WordPress Skills at Smarterer.com

Smarterer, a site that let’s you test your skills against other experts on the same topic, has a few WordPress tests.

I decided to go head to head against the other 5,000+ people on the WordPress Smarterer test.

Smarterer WordPress Test

So I scored a 752 after answering all the questions. Not too shabby. I’ll be honest, a few of the technical API questions caught me off guard.

WordPress Smarterer Tests

There are 3 other WordPress tests you can take you, so what are you waiting for? Head over to Smarterer and sign-in to take a test today!

UPDATE: After you’ve taken the test, submit your score over on codepoet.com


    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      Even with my almost 9+ years experience, there are still a few technical API things that I don’t ever use so I don’t know about.

      Great job on such a high score!

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  1. By on

    very cool! I immediately got a taste test.
    sorry for the English poorly, otherwise there would be more balls.
    can see my results in Twitter -> https://twitter.com/jah_howtomake

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  2. By on

    I guess mine is ‘wordpress for non developers’ even though I’ve never hired a developer. It’s been a long ride WordPress… But a wonderful ride and hopefully will continue to be.

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