WordPress Security Threats – Oct/2012

October’s round-up of WordPress security threats. If you have one of these plugins, make sure you’ve updated to a new version that has the vulnerability fixed, or disable the plugin immediately.

If you feel you may have been hacked, use the malware and virus scanner by Sucuri.

Sucuri Coverage

Packet Storm Coverage

WordPress Security Analysis – Oct/2012

While October didn’t have nearly as many security threats as previous months, there were a couple of major concerns that should be raised; specifically two plugins. Akismet and Wordfence.

Akismet is a widely used plugin, developed by the great folks at Automattic, and you should certainly make sure you stay up to date with the latest version.

Additionally, Wordfence, a WordPress security plugin. We mentioned the plugin in our “Has your WordPress Blog Been Hacked?” post, as a recommended plugin. So make sure you stay up to date.

via Packet Storm and the Sucuri Research Blog


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    I observed that usually wordpress websites get hacked easily if you are using old versions. Securii website scanner gives this warning if your wordpress is outdated. So its better to upgrade it. I cleaned viruses for many of my clients and only one thing was common that wordpress software was outdated and when we updated it, no further hacking attempts were there.

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