WordPress Security Threats – Jan/2013

2012 just blew by and we’re already one month deep into 2013.

January’s round-up of WordPress security threats. If you have one of these plugins, make sure you’ve updated to a new version that has the vulnerability fixed, or disable the plugin immediately.

If you feel you may have been hacked, use the malware and virus scanner by Sucuri.

Sucuri Coverage

Packet Storm Coverage

WordPress Security Analysis – Jan/2013

A relative quiet month for Sucuri’s WordPress vulnuerability reports, but Packstorm Security had a wild month.

There are a number of high profile plugin exploits which should be carefully looked at. Specifically, the NextGEN gallery plugin is a very popular plugin which you should make sure you update immediately. Another popular plugin, Advanced Custom Fields. Lastly, a fairly public company plugin, by SolveMedia, you should make sure is up to date as well.

It’s almost always a given that you should update a plugin, but before you do, backup, backup, backup; always make a backup just in case something breaks.

via Packet Storm and the Sucuri Research Blog

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