8 WordPress Real Estate Themes to Help You Sell

Real estate is a very competitive industry, so having a unique WordPress theme to help your site stand out is one of the best ways to gain visibility online.

Here are some hand-picked WordPress real estate themes that can help you reach your audience online. Some of the themes below even offer MLS-IDX WordPress integration, take a look.

AgentPress by StudioPress

AgentPress Child Theme by StudioPress

[wpfthemes details=”http://studiopress.wpforce.com/themes/agentpress” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/agentpress-demo-blue” price=”$99.95″]

WooThemes Estate

WooThemes Estate Real Estate Theme

[wpfthemes details=”http://woothemes.wpforce.com/2010/07/estate/” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/woothemes-estate-demo” price=”$200″]

Elegant Estate

Elegant Estate Real Estate Theme

[wpfthemes details=”http://elegant.wpforce.com/gallery/elegantestate/” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/elegant-estate-demo” price=”$39 — Access to 20+ themes”]

Templatic Real Estate

Templatic Real Estate Theme

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/templatic-real-estate” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/templatic-real-estate-demo” price=”$89.95″]

Smooth Pro

Smooth Pro Real Estate Theme

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/smooth-pro” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/smooth-pro” price=”$39.95″]

deCorum Real Estate Theme

Decorum Real Estate Theme

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/decorum” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/decorum-demo” price=”$51 (USD)”]

Open House

Open House Real Estate Theme

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/open-house” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/open-house” price=”$39.95″]

Residence Real Estate

Residence Real Estate Theme

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/residence” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/residence” price=”$39.95″]


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