WordPress.org Plugin Repository Adds Favorites and Support

I saw Andrew @Nacin testing some forum posts earlier today, but didn’t think much of it. Now I know why he was doing it :)

As Nacin confirmed via Twitter, there have certainly been a couple upgrades to the WordPress.org Plugin Repository.

And the following was RT’d by @Nacin, as confirmation fo the new feature.

First, there is a new “Favorite” button. This will let you easily bookmark a plugin for future use and easy access.

Additionally, there is now a “Support” tab for a plugin. This will help people easily be able to view any active discussions around a specific plugin. Before the case was just a sidebar element that had a few items via RSS from the support forum.

New Support Tab for Plugins

A user’s favorites can be be accessed by going to their WordPress.org profile page.

UPDATE: Thanks to @Nacin on G+, he updated me that the new changes were thanks not just to himself, but also to Scott Reily and Matt Mullenweg. Scott is known early on for creating a number of amazing plugins, authored at http://coffee2code.com and Matt Mullenweg, well, we all know who is Matt is :) Note, Scott boasts a massive 71 plugins on his Coffee2Code site, wow.

UPDATE #2: Matt posted on the WordPress.org blog about some more of the changes.


  1. By Pete on

    Awesome… now we can keep a list of all our fav posts. There’s a huge resource of nifty code snippets lying around in the forums that get lost.

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    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      Definitely! In the post by Matt, he said over 2000 plugins have been favorited already.

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  2. By on

    Kudos to the team for making the changes and I think they would appreciated by the community at large. I wish they had taken it forward where the ratings would be recorded and you could see all the plugins that have you rated. I have been rating the plugins whenever I can hoping I would build a list of WordPress plugins rating which I can refer to when implementing plugins on a new website.

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    • By Jonathan Dingman on


      In a recent post. I wrote about the introduction of favorites. This is probably the functionality you’re looking for.

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