WordPress.org Announces Notifications

In a post published today by Scott Reilly, he announced that WordPress.org now offers Notifications throughout the site.

WordPress.org NotificationsSimilar to how Twitter works, now anytime that your @username is mentioned somewhere on wordpress.org, you will receive a notification that you were mentioned.

Notifications are currently enabled for the support forums and all of the make.wordpress.org P2s. All such forum posts, blog posts, and comments are checked for mentions and search terms.

This is a huge improvement in my mind, as it helps ease the pain of trying to follow every blog, P2, forum post, etc, and it will simply let you know you’ve been mentioned.

Here is an example of what it looks like on a user’s WordPress.org profile page (ie @jdingman).

User Notifications on WordPress.org

As you would hope and expect, using an @username to yourself will not trigger a notification, rather only when other users do it.

via make.wordpress.org

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