Best WordPress Mobiles Plugins

It’s really hard to say one is better than another, given that each have their own features and different people like different functionality.

Here are what I think, are the best WordPress mobile plugins.


WPTouch gives you plenty of options of what to display when a mobile visitor comes to your site. It however, doesn’t provide any functionality for theme-switching for those mobile users.

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WPTouch Pro adds a lot more functionality to the free version.

Mobile Device Detect Reloaded

MDDR provides completely different functionality than either of the other two. Instead of providing an interface directly which is mobile friendly, it offers you the ability to redirect a user to another mobile friendly site, like, treat the mobile user as a normal user

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WordPress Mobile Admin

WordPress Mobile Admin does exactly what it says. It will let you manage your site on your mobile device.

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BuddyPress Mobile

BuddyPress Mobile will let you manage your BuddyPress installation from your mobile device, making it easy to change things on the go.

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Do you have a favorite mobile plugin or theme for WordPress? Let us know in the comments!

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