WordPress Media Library in Managed Folders

Now there’s an idea I can run with.

The ability to natively manage the media library in WordPress in something I’ve wanted for a long time.

Sure, there are plugins to do it, like Media Tags, but having this functionality natively would be great.

Ipstenu made a comment and suggested the use of tags vs an actual folder architecture, and I agree.

I personally don’t manage my media uploads by date, so the ability to “tag” my media uploads and organize them that, then be able to see the tags or select which tags are seen in the media upload window, would be plenty sufficient for my needs.

Would you use the tagging feature if it were enabled for media uploads?

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  1. By on

    Hi there!
    If you are looking for a way to organize your files in folders, check out this new plguin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pdw-file-browser/.

    I had the exact same issue my self, and after hours of researching I found out nobody had developed a solution – so I had to do that my self. Here it is. Enjoy!

    • By Lisa on

      That plugin does not work if you are not using the default uploads folder and it does not work if you have subfolders based on years and months.

      Which plugin did you use for the:
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      • By Jonathan Dingman on

        Hi Lisa,

        We use Jetpack here. It’s a great plugin by the official WordPress folks.