Matrix Slideshow – Creating a Slideshow in WordPress

Have you been looking for a plugin that gives you functionality similar to the slideshow on sites like Mashable? The Matrix Slideshow plugin offers that functionality, sort of.

Currently, the plugin is limited to a one-time slideshow use. You can build the slideshow and use that slideshow once.

I reached out to Ravi Mareedu, one of the authors of the plugin, and asked about having functionality to automatically build a slideshow based on the current post’s attachments — that way I don’t have to upload the images in the settings section. Their team responded and said it will be available in the next version of the plugin, which is set to be released within a couple weeks.

It offers you the ability to set the width, height, background color, thumbnail positioning, image scaling, number of columns and rows for thumbnails, pagination button color, and a number of other options.

Overall, the plugin looks like a great slideshow, but it’s still fairly limited in terms of functionality and how flexible is it to use.

I’m hoping they spend some time on it and really build up this plugin, it has some real potential.

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