WordPress Hosting for Freelancers and Designers by Flywheel

Earlier this week, Flywheel came out of beta and is now ready for the big time. Going up against some long-time competition like WP Engine and Page.ly, Flywheel has some big headway it needs to make.

Welcome to Flywheel

How is Flywheel different?

Thankfully, Flywheel is not just another managed WordPress hosting provider. The Flywheel team wanted to make something elegant, beautiful, and most of all, easy to use.

Flywheel is clearly the most freelancer-friendly hosting solution out there on the web. They make it super simple to create demo sites, show them off to a client, then transfer the site ownership and billing over to the client.

Before Flywheel, this was a tedious task of having the client first buy the hosting, then setup demo URLs, then setup the site…you get the picture, it was a huge mess. That is no longer the case though, Flywheel takes care of all that for you.

Flywheel is taking it a step further to make sure you get paid for any referrals you send their way. When you transfer your demo site over to the client, you get paid by Flywheel. It’s a win-win solution. Easy to transfer sites and you get paid in the process without the headache of sign up codes or referral links.

Of course Flywheel will also have the normal referral links if you want them.

Simple by design

Flywheel options

The interface for Flywheel is quite elegant. It’s easy to use, beautiful, and doesn’t have any extra fluff.

It’s easy to add domains for an account, add or remove password protection for a demo site (just add billing information to bring it out of “demo” mode), you can even add “collaborators” to a site so multiple users can manage a site. No more password hijacking from a client that wants to take your site and run without paying — or vice versa, a developer taking your site and disappearing into the woods (sound familiar to anyone?)

Flywheel collaborators

Flywheel is a true freelancer and client solution. Collaboration, secure accounts, demo-mode, transfer billing responsibilities, and a beautiful interface to use.

Flywheel looks quite promising and I’m looking forward to testing it out even more.

Have you looked at Flywheel yet? If you’re a customer, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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    Thanks Jonathan for the Flywheel love! We’re excited to be out of Beta, and are even more excited for what’s ahead. If anyone has any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Email me directly at dusty [at] getflywheel.com.


    Co-founder & CEO