WordPress Core Team to be Focusing on Security, Performance, and Caching

Ryan Boren, one of the WordPress core developers, announced today that the team’s next focuses will be on security, performance, and caching.

This is a huge step forward because many people often hear about a WordPress site being hacked. While this is really hard to deal with, when so many people leave their installations outdated, hopefully this effort will some how decrease the number in the future.

Here is the list of items being worked on:

  • Worked with the lang pack team on splitting up the pot files and loading only the necessary strings for frontend, admin, and network admin page loads. This greatly reduces the number of strings loaded for front page loads, yielding better performance. #19852
  • duck_ is improving rewrite. This includes adding API, unit tests, and phpdoc and speeding up performance. #19897 #19871 #16092 #19876 #19875 #19636 and others
  • scribu is looking at WP_Query performance #18536
  • Hunting down cache bugs such as #19690
  • Security hardening such as #19797
  • Improved cron locking: fewer race conditions, better performance on busy sites #19700
  • Various cleanup, refactoring, warning removal. #16302 r19684 #19249 #15327 #19552 #12307
  • General gardening. Mining trac for gold, clearing old tickets that are already fixed or have become irrelevant, triage, etc.