WordPress.com to let you show and hide widgets on different pages

Us self-hosted folk have been control where widgets are displayed for a long time with plugins, but when you’re on WordPress.com, you just don’t get the same features — which should be expected, primarily for security and scalability reasons.

One big piece of functionality has been the ability to hide and show a specific widget when viewing a specific type of content.

In a recent announcement by Christopher Finke, a design engineer at Automattic, he writes about how to use the new Visibility function for widgets.

I use Widget Context here on WP Force, which I find easier to use. The new Visibility function feels a bit clunky, even though I’m sure that it’s more scalable in the backend. Everything on WordPress.com has to be really efficient because of how many sites that WordPress.com runs.


  1. By Willem on

    Hi, so this is only available on WordPress.com right? We ‘self-hosted’ still use widgets for it?

    I use Widget Context on one site, but for new site this doesn’t work anymore. You can read about it on the support page. I had to go to some documentation before I understood Widget Logic, but I’m really happy with that right now.

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