WordPress.com Announces a new REST API

This is huge! Tim Moore from the WordPress.com team, announced today that they are launching a REST API for the WordPress.com platform.

Automattic is opening access to some very interesting bits of data. In particular, I’m interested in the data around “Freshly Pressed”, and other tools like Follow, Like, and Reblog.

The first app, which is already available, is a Windows 8 WordPress.com App.

Here’s the description about the app:

Browse the best original content on WordPress.com, including articles and photography on travel, art, entertainment, food, and much more. Easily share cool content you find on the web by reblogging it on your WordPress.com site.

WordPress.com also has a new dedicated developer section available, http://developer.wordpress.com.

For one, I’m really excited to see what kind of new apps and mashups people are going to make, consuming and using the data now available via WordPress.com.

via WP.com News

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