WordPress Syntax Mode for Coda

I’m a big fan of Coda by Panic. I’m also a huge fan of WordPress.

Together, Thorsten brings us this add-on for Coda, WordPress Syntax Mode for WordPress.

One thing to note is that these do not get updated automatically, so when a new function comes out in a newer version of WordPress, the author will need to update and then you will need to update. It would be nice if Coda had similar updates to add-ons similar to what WordPress has for updates.

Overall, it’s an extremely helpful tool if you use Coda to develop in WordPress.


Tested on Coda 1.7, might work on previous versions.


  1. Download the packed mode file and unpack it.
  2. Copy the PHP-HTML-WP.mode the Coda Modes folder. ~/Library/Application Support/Coda/Modes/
  3. Open a WordPress or PHP file and load the syntax mode in Coda by visiting Text -> Syntax Mode -> PHP-HTML-WP in the toolbar.
  4. Optional: To make this mode the default visit the Editor pane in the Preferences window and select the ‘PHP-HTML-WP’ mode as default file type

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