WordPress 3.8 PSA: Update, Update, Update

In a recent email to all plugin owners who have a plugin with the WordPress plugin repository, a high recommendation to get things updated are in order. Here’s what it said.

Howdy – you’re receiving this email because you are one of the handful of humans on this planet who has a plugin in the open source directory on WordPress.org.

We’re getting in touch because Version 3.8 of WordPress is about to come out, and we think it’s pretty slick, but WordPress is nothing without the plugins people know and love, which is why we need you.

99% of plugins should be fine, but we did make a lot of refinements to the admin area so you should check to make sure everything looks and works just like you expect. Then you can update the “Tested up to:” value in your readme file, and your users will know it’s all good.

Download the latest nightly release here:


Thank you for your part in making the WordPress community what it is today.

It’s a good reminder to everyone, keep your plugins updated.


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