WordPress 3.8 – “Parker”

WordPress 3.8 - Parker

Just 2 days ago, WordPress 3.8 was released. It was a quick follow after WordPress 3.7 being released just a little under 2 months ago. This short release cycle was announced and should have been expected, as mentioned in this year’s 2013 State of the Word.

WordPress 3.7 had a large focus on the “application” perspective, while WordPress 3.8 had a much larger focus on integrating MP6 and an overhaul of theme management.

With WordPress 3.8 also came a release of Twenty Fourteen, the new WordPress default theme. For the first time in a long while, the default theme for the following year is released ahead of the actual year. As we saw with Twenty Thirteen, it was released well into the year of 2013.

This release was different than any other release ever made by the WordPress team. As Matt Mullenweg describes it, it’s “the start of a new era,” as the team worked with a plugin-first methodology. This means that they first started with plugins to help define features, rather than holding up an entire release each time for a particular feature.

If you’ve already upgraded to WordPress 3.8, you will undoubtedly see the new MP6 dashboard interface. It also comes with quite a few color options to help fit your style.

This WordPress 3.8 release features 188 contributors, with 10 of those contributors coming from 10up.com alone.

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