WordPress 3.7 in the Wild

WordPress 3.7 hit the web yesterday with a big splash. We saw Beta 1, RC1, and RC2 come very quickly. This is exactly in line with Matt Mullenweg’s announcement that both WordPress 3.7 and 3.8 would be released this year.

There were a few key features for WordPress 3.7 to make it more “application ready,” such as date-based queries. A security enhancement is minor version self-updating. So if/when WordPress 3.7.1 is ready, and you’ve already upgraded to WordPress 3.7, you will be auto-updated to 3.7.1 — if you haven’t disabled auto-updates.

A few of the highlights in Matt’s official post about WordPress 3.7 include self-updating, stronger password recommendation (they’re now using the engine that Dropbox open sourced), and “better global support” which means that WordPress will auto-update itself with new locale files and updates, when available.

Over 400 tickets were closed, in combination of bugs, features, etc, to make WordPress 3.7 happen.

As Andrew Nacin recently tweeted, the work for WordPress 3.8 has already begun.