WordPress 3.6 – What’s Coming with Aaron Campbell [LIVEBLOG]

This next liveblog I will be liveblogging what’s coming up with WordPress 3.6 with Aaron Campbell of Range.

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:34 pm

Aaron Campbell is the lead developer for the upcoming WordPress 3.6 release

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:35 pm

One of the major feature enhancements is going to be with Revisions.

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:35 pm

Autosave and Post locking, lead by Andrew Ozz and Mike Schroder

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:36 pm

There’s almost no interface for autosave, one of the coolest features about it. There has always been autosaves, it autosaves what you’ve been typing, but there were still some circumstances where you could lose your content. Internet connectivity…being logged out…

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:37 pm

the new autosave functionality uses local storage to keep that content saved.

It will not be using localstage with Flash, but rather browser based with session storage.

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:38 pm

Post locking.

Multi-author blogs often have an issue with two or more people editing the same post, that feature is getting an overhaul and makes it much easier to manage.

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:40 pm


Another feature enhancement around Menus.

Making it easier to use.

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:40 pm

Improving the Custom Menu Widget, select the menu and give it a title.

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:41 pm

Post Formats.

Helen and Scott are leading this feature.

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:41 pm

[Aaron asks who is using Tumblr…people may be a little scared to raise their hand at a WordPress conference]

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:44 pm

Aaron: Post Types has been around with WordPress for a while, but hasn’t been very easy to use. Post Formats will get a big overhaul

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:44 pm

Aaron is diving into Twenty Thirteen.

“Getting back into the roots of blogging with Twenty Thirteen”

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:45 pm

Showing off your content, beautifully, vibrantly, and letting your content speak for itself.

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:46 pm

No more thumbnail, thumbnail, thumbnail, just beautiful galleries.

image post format, video post format, and more.

Reference: http://twentythirteendemo.wordpress.com/

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:47 pm

Tentative release date for the end of April for WordPress 3.6

…opening up questions to the audience

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:47 pm

Audience question: “can I add custom post types?”

Aaron: “No, not with these — we want to drive greater adoption for these post types with themes so they can more easily support these formats”

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:48 pm

Audience: “are there any major differences with how WP uses Post Types and how Woo does it with Tumblr-like?”

Aaron: “Some differences, when we first started we looked at Woo…and I think Crowd Favorite, and it’s been re-imagined to work better in the existing admin and layout and functionality, but it’s not that different behind the scenes”

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:50 pm

Audience: “What is the difference between Custom Post Types and Custom Post Formats”?

Aaron: Post Formats are specifically about a certain type of content, where Custom Post Types are just custom content types and can be used much more extensible. They are similar in some aspects, but they have very different purposes.

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:51 pm

I wish that Post Types and Custom Post Types were called differently, but CPTs are much heavier than built in Post Types.

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 201312:59 pm

Audience: “can I change the colors with the new Twenty Thirteen? Will there be color options?”

Aaron: “No, there won’t be, but it’s entirely possible to edit the color scheme.

Look at http://ottopress.com/2013/im-not-a-fan-of-orange/ as an example of someone editing the default color scheme (away from orange).”

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 20131:01 pm

Audience: “how much time has gone into WordPress 3.6 for you?”

Aaron: “I have never spent so much time on a release as I am this release. I probably am spending around 12-15 hours per week on just wrangling people and keeping things moving.

Mark Jaquith is putting in similar hours.

Gosh I don’t even know how many hours were put into the Twenty Thirteen theme.

Post Formats have a bunch of time put in as well”

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 20131:02 pm

[Aaron asked who has contributed to the WordPress 3.6 release…a handful of hands go up]

[Audience gives a round of applause, as a thanks to the contributors]

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 20131:03 pm

Audience: “MP6…”

Aaron: “MP6 definitely exists and is moving, but it’s not going into core this time”

“Once it’s a finalized product, it definitely will”

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 20131:04 pm

Audience: “What is MP6?”

Aaron: “MP6 is an attempt at re-skinning the admin. It’s heavy re-work of redesigning the admin. It started with icons, but has evolved into making things more aware of how users are actually using the admin”

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 20131:06 pm

Audience: “Whats your favorite feature that you had to drop?”

Aaron: “I was really excited to fix up the post statues, Drafts, Pending Review, etc

I really wanted to get this into this release, but it disappeared into the rabbit hole. Too deep to make the release date, so we had to cut it”

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 20131:06 pm

Post Formats are exclusive to the Post Types, Post.

Jonathan Dingman March 23, 20131:06 pm

That’s it!