WordPress 3.6: Save, Save, Save

A common frustration with WordPress is the lack of proper post auto-save. Whether your cookie expired, you lost your Internet connection, or you accidentally refreshed the page; Mark Jaquith has stated that one of the focuses for WordPress 3.6 will be saving posts more efficiently.

Mark has this to say from the technical side of things:

  • Local storage of post data while editing, in-between autosaves and manual saves.
  • More frequent “heartbeat” pings to the server (allowing data to hitch a ride at certain intervals, and also allowing us to quickly deliver messages back from the server about events).
  • Real and more granular post locking. Right now we just have a wimpy notice that isn’t a good deterrent against people simultaneously editing a post and overwriting each other’s changes.
  • Probably some interaction with the team working on improving Post Revisions.
  • UX work for making recovery from failure scenarios smooth, clear, and worry-free.

This will help alleviate a lot of people’s concerns about the efficiency of using WordPress and help ease the fear of not saving a post. If you ever search on Twitter, you’ll see quite a few folks gripe about this problem.

I rarely, if ever, have this issue, but I use WordPress quite differently than a typical person would.

via Make WordPress