WordPress 3.6 RC 1 Now Available

Just minutes ago, Mark Jaquith posted on the main WordPress news blog with the announcement that WordPress 3.6 RC1 is now available.

The hope is to get WordPress 3.6 shipped in just a couple of weeks from now. This particular release has had a bit of a rough patch, and a bit of a delay, but it’s finally coming together. Personally, I’m very thankful for all the long hours that the core contributors and developers put into each release.

We learned last month that Post Formats UI would not make it into the WordPress 3.6 release. Mark had this to say about the release.

As you may have heard, we backed the Post Format UI feature out of the release. On the other hand, our slick new revisions browser had some extra time to develop. You should see it with 200+ revisions loaded — scrubbing back and forth at lightning speed is a thing of beauty.

WordPress 3.6 is still bringing a bunch of new features, such as native support for audio and video, as well as better revisioning and saving. Back at WordCamp San Diego, I was liveblogging a few sessions and caught up with Aaron Campbell and What’s Coming in WordPress 3.6. Also, The Ins and Outs of Twenty Thirteen with Konstatin Obenland.