WordPress 3.5: What to Expect?

In under 3 days, WordPress 3.4 already has close to 1,000,000 downloads. The WordPress core development team wastes no time though, as Nacin already closed the first WordPress 3.5 ticket (#20954).

WordPress 3.5One of the most anticipated things about WordPress 3.5 is going to be Twenty Twelve. Even though it was punted from 3.4 to 3.5, it’s still going to be awesome (and still released in 2012).

The WordPress Codex doesn’t have much on WordPress 3.5 yet, but that’s just because 3.4 was just released.

Jane Wells, UX lead for WordPress, threw out the idea of making 3.5 a “mentorship” cycle instead of a normal cycle of development, but that idea won’t happen because WordPress was rejected as an applicant for the Google Summer of Code.

Given what we saw in WordPress 3.4, performance upgrades, easier visual theming options, and plenty more, what do you think we could expect to in the upcoming 3.5 release?