WordPress 3.5 – News Round-up

WordPress 3.5 has been rescheduled for a release date of 12/10/12 at 10am PST.

Here’s are round-up of official and unofficial news around WordPress 3.5.
WordPress 3.5

Official Announcements

Blog chatter around the web

I am very excited about WordPress 3.5, it’s been a long time coming and there are a ton of bug fixes and feature enhancements.

Let’s get ready for Monday!


  1. By on

    Many improvements in WP 3.5 sounds great, but Twenty – twelve theme disappointed me…

    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      What issues do you have with Twenty Twelve?

      • By on

        I don’t have any specific issues, but it was promoted almost as some kind of ‘wonder’, with premium like features, but it only have modified homepage, and that is it… It could have a lot of options… Or at least I expected that….

  2. By on

    Great round-up, have just tweeted it. We also have a post out on the upcoming WordPress 3.5 release. (Just in case you would like to add it to your round-up list.)

    Regards, Paul.