WooThemes Retiring Some Older Themes

WooThemes has over 100 themes available to download. That’s a lot of themes to continue to maintain and add functionality to over time.

As part of the WooThemes 2012 strategy, they are simplifying and refocusing their efforts. I applaud for them for wanting to do that, as they should. 125 themes (what is currently available), is a lot of themes.

While it’s great to have a huge collection of themes for a variety of different kinds of needs, that’s still a lot.

That said, they made the decision to retire 26 of those themes, putting them back to 99 themes available. The following themes they are discontinuing are:

VibrantCMS, Mortar, NewsPress, Royalle, Suit and Tie, Exposure, Newsport, f0101, Antisocial, Paper Cut, Cinch, Productum, THiCK, Gotham News, SophisticatedFolio, myweblog, Slanted, , Ambience, Big Easy, Unite, Groovy Blog, ProudFolio, Geometric, Fresh Folio, Foreword Thinking, Groovy Photo

The few that I’ve used over the years, particularly News and VibrantCMS, have served me well; and I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing their new themes that have even more functionality than before.

To help with the transitions, WooThemes is offering a 40% discount to existing customers, to help them with purchasing a newer theme if they are looking for a replacement. Use the promo code: RETIRED.

via WooThemes Blog

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