WooThemes to Retire 17 More Themes

Earlier this year, WooThemes announced they were retiring some of their themes. Some of their best themes went to rest, such as VibrantCMS, Gotham News, and Fresh Folio. It was sad to see them go.

It’s that time again for Woo.

Announced early this morning by Magnus, there are 17 more themes going into retirement.

Abstract, Apz, Auld, Bloggingstream, Caffeinated, Chapters, Cushy, Coda, Digital Farm, FaultPress, Flash News, Groovy Video, Live Wire, MyStream, Open Air, Retreat, Therapy

It’s certainly sad again to see some great themes going into retirement. Some of my favorites in this round of RIPs are Cushy, Coda, FaultPress, Live Wire, and Retreat.

Why Retire These Themes?

In the comments section, Magnus talks about “FaultPress not being a hit” and that’s why they’ve decided to retire that one in particular. They chose these themes based on the number of purchases and downloads, simply because they weren’t getting the traction they needed.


  1. By on

    Are the old themes being offered as open source or retired completely? It would be nice idea to make them free. What do you think?

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    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      From their blog post and what they did last time around, I wouldn’t assume they are releasing them as open source by any means. They will offer minimal support via their forums, for the retiring themes. They are also offering a discount when purchasing a new theme, for anyone that has purchased a theme that is being retired.

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