WooThemes.com, Redesigned.

In a huge relaunch, WooThemes launched a new site and soon, new services.

I really like the “Apple approach” that they took in re-designing their site. The new design highlights specific offerings that WooThemes has and it feels very well thought out.

New WooThemes.com Header

New WooThemes.com - Header

The new header element really emphasizes what WooThemes has to offer. It’s impactful and straight to the point.

New WooThemes.com Themes

New WooThemes.com - Themes

WooThemes’ core competency has been themes, which they will obviously continue focusing on as the company looks forward. As their primary focus still, they highlight their themes offerings as the first item they want new users to see.

New WooThemes.com Plugins

New WooThemes.com - Plugins

WooThemes’ plugins are secondary to their themes, but still a high priority for them as a company. Their popular collection of plugins include WooDojo, WooSidebars, and WooSlider (formerly FlexSlider).

New WooThemes.com WooCommerce

New WooThemes.com - WooCommerce

Having made the homepage cut, WooCommerce is clearly still in high demand and a priority for the WooThemes team. I’m hoping to see a lot of great things come from the WooThemes team in the next 12 months around this product offering.

New WooThemes.com Hosting

New WooThemes.com - Hosting

As a sneak peak into the future of the WooThemes company, they highlight WooThemes hosting. Looks to be a direct competitor to related business StudioPress and Websynthesis.

WooThemes Social

New WooThemes.com - Social
As a small little tid-bit, I thought it was really cute how they showed users that the company is social. It’s a small, but effective way to move away from the standard of how a lot of people show “social” connections.

I’m a big fan of their Woo Ninja :)

Final thoughts

The one thing I don’t like about their re-design is the use of Google Custom Search for their searching the blog. The search engine built into WordPress can be customized and offer great results, it just needs some tweaking. Using the built-in search engine also provides greater flexibility with how the search results are displayed.

Overall, I really love what they’ve done and how far they have come as a company.


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