WooThemes Now Available on ThemeForest

WooThemes are now available on ThemeForest….did anyone else see this coming? I certainly didn’t.

But now it’s starting to come together as to why WooThemes shut down their affiliate program. ThemeForest has one built into their platform.

So why is WooThemes stooping moving into the premium themes marketplace world? From the outside, it appeared like they had a very successful business running with their own store-front, support system, and affiliate program.

The reason I’ve seen most individuals or companies launch their themes on ThemeForest, is for the distribution. WooThemes, I can’t imagine distribution is a problem. They have 15 themes available on WordPress.com right now, providing some great SEO juice and distribution for them.

Matty Cohen had this to say about the change.

It has been almost exactly 2 years since our previous foray into selling on ThemeForest, selling Drupal and ExpressionEngine themes. Since then, much has changed within WooThemes, as well as in the WordPress themes space (and at ThemeForest).

One of the biggest hurdles that WooThemes was facing was the licensing issue, which has been resolved. Recently, Envato announced that ThemeForest and CodeCanyon will be offering 100% GPL licensing for theme sellers.

This change created the opportunity for companies like WooThemes, who have themes on WordPress.com, to sell their themes on the large ThemeForest platform.

WooThemes will be launching quite a few themes today, on the ThemeForest platform.

You can find them here: http://themeforest.net/user/woothemes

  • Canvas
  • Merchant
  • Whitelight
  • PixelPress
  • Athena
  • SMPL
  • Unsigned
  • Shelflife
  • Wikeasi
  • Currents
  • Appply
  • Hustle
  • Function
  • Definition
  • Scrollider
  • Flipflop
  • Capital
  • Sentient
  • Sliding
  • Emporium
  • Argentum
  • WooStore
  • Coquette
  • Buro
  • Announcement
  • Editorial
  • Kaboodle
  • Statua
  • Premiere
  • Delicious Magazine