VideoPress Joins Jetpack, Easier to Manage Videos for Sites

Michelle Weber, a Story Wrangler for Automattic, announced last week that VideoPress would be joining the Jetpack family.

What does this actually mean? In a nutshell:

  • The current VideoPress plugin just provides you with an iFrame that opens up the video administration tools. You have to be logged in to to use it, and so do any other people who want to upload videos to your site.
  • The Jetpack plugin hooks into, giving your self-hosted site access to sweet .com features like social sharing and tiled media galleries without having to be constantly logged in to Jetpack takes care of all the authentication for you, so you can focus on your site.
  • By making VideoPress part of Jetpack, we give it that same ability . You’ll be able to upload and work with video without being logged in to, because Jetpack will be your middleman.

You will no longer need to use the VideoPress plugin for sites, but rather just install Jetpack and you’ll have full access to the VideoPress+Jetpack integration.

And if you haven’t installed Jetpack yet, now is a great time to do so. I use Jetpack here on because it’s a great plugin. It offers a number of features available to your self-hosted WordPress site.