Twenty Twelve Theme Updates

So far, the new Twenty Twelve theme is not much to look at. It has it’s basic form, but nothing fancy has been added.

This is not yet a fully working theme—we’ll be adding in more features and lots of missing styles over the next 3–4 weeks. Including post formats, comments, archives and page templates, more in-post styling, and a nav menu rework so the main content comes ahead of the navigation.

…says Lance Willet, who is a member of the team building the Twenty Twelve theme.

Something to remember is that the WordPress team committed to developing a new theme every year. The WordPress project had a history of keeping around an ole and stale theme, Kubrick for example. While it was a great theme, it became quite annoying to see so many sites running it.

We should not expect anymore updates for Twenty Twelve until late this month.

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  1. By Jasjot on

    Makes my day :/ Know of any theme which is as light as 2011 or 2010 ?