Twenty Twelve Officially Released

Ahead of schedule, Twenty Twenty was released published in the WordPress theme directory. The plan is still to officially launch it to the world with WordPress 3.5, but that hasn’t stopped the WordPress team from giving the community a teaser.

Twenty Twelve ratings
I actually think it’s a really good idea to get the theme out into the wild before pushing it through in WordPress 3.5. The reason being unforeseen issues. Any theme release is bound to run into some sort of issues for circumstances that couldn’t have been anticipated.

Early on, Twenty Twelve has received some good and bad ratings from folks. Lots of support threads have been opened as well, and hopefully these threads will be useful to the WordPress team to improve the new Twenty Twelve theme.

Check out the new Twenty Twelve theme and give it a test run to see if you like it.


  1. By Brad Dalton on

    Really nice clean theme but better off finding one like this built on Genesis so you can customize it easier.

    Doubt you’d get any decent support trying to customize a free theme like this.

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    • By on

      You couldnt be more wrong if you take the time to learn how to style the “twenty” themes your never far away from someone with an answer to a problem on the wordpress forum because their are so many people using the “base” theme. They are good themes if your a designer because they are stripped back. I started on twenty ten and am now working on twenty twelve no single site looks like another. Genesis is great but if I client starts to radically change a design it’s much easier to change one of the “twenties”.

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