Twenty Twelve Now Available

In recent news, Drew Strojny of The Theme Foundry, posted about the recent development of the upcoming (and anticipated) Twenty Twelve WordPress theme.

Drew announced the new demo available as well. Here’s what it looks like.

Twenty Twelve WordPress Theme

Here is a glimpse at what the the current Twenty Eleven WordPress default theme looks like.

Twenty Eleven WordPress Theme

It’s pretty easy to see the massive overhaul and improvements on the Twenty Twelve theme. It’s much less “blog” centric, and much more “webpage” focused because of the footer elements. I really love the clean header and menu up top. I think there’s a lot people can really do with this default theme.

It’s good to see, from a community aspect, that the WordPress team is trying to put out a new default them each year. The WordPress community was stuck on Kubrick for far too long.


  1. By on

    Appreciate the post Jonathan. We made an early decision to make the theme more website focused vs. blog focused, so I’m glad you noticed :-) Hopefully the change will provide more flexibility for folks getting started with WordPress.

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    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      Certainly a different angle providing a more “website”-centric layout. Will it be easy to customize to make it more of a blog feel if people still want to do that?

      Is this change in an attempt to make WordPress feel more like a website CMS, rather than just a blog CMS? Or what was the reasoning behind that shift?

      Thanks for stopping by Drew, always appreciate it.

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    • By on

      Yep, should be easy to customize, as we’re using a basic page template for the home page layout you’re seeing. You’re spot on with the reasoning behind the change :-)

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    It looks great- really clean and love the move to a more website-focused theme. It’s also responsive, which is a nice touch!

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