Twenty Twelve for WordPress: Typography

We have some updates around Twenty Twelve, the next “default” theme for WordPress. We previously wrote that Twenty Twelve is being punted to WordPress 3.5, but the plan is to see Twenty Twelve in 2012 still.

Drew updates us all on The Theme Foundry’s blog, that the team has made progress with the typography selection. The team has chosen Open Sans and it will be served through the Google Web Fonts API.

The reason they decided to go with Open Sans, and specifically through Google Web Fonts, is for licensing reasons. You may or may not know, but everything that goes into WordPress core, has to be GPLv2 compatible. There were some concerns raised about distributing the font in core, as it is under the Apache License version 2, which is not compatible with GPLv2.

Here are a few screenshots of what the font looks like.

Twenty Twelve Typography

Open Sans Google Web Font

I looked at the font and I’m really impressed with it. We’ve been using Droid Sans a lot here on WPforce, and while I really like it, I may consider using Open Sans in the future.

What do you think of the font selection?


  1. By on

    Glad to see this. I’ve been using Open Sans for a few months now. Great font with many weights.

  2. By JFK on

    where may we get SUPPORT for twenty twelve?

    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      The best place for support is either the WordPress support forums or to hire someone.

  3. By on

    Open Sans is fine. But why not leaving the choice on the fonts to the user, by making a setup page for the Google Fonts library within the theme options?

    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      There has already been discussion around this, you can read more about it on GitHub.