Sitting Down with WPMods Founder Kevin Muldoon [INTERVIEW]

Kevin MuldoonKevin Muldoon, founder of, just completed a sale to the new owner for $80,000. Quite an accomplishment and am very excited for what Kevin has next.


Kevin took some time and was able to answer some questions I had for him.

Jonathan Dingman: Describe who are you, by background, passions, what you enjoy doing, building, anything along those lines.

Kevin Muldoon: My name is Kevin Muldoon. I’m a Scottish blogger and affiliate marketer who has been working online since 2000. I’ve run a wide variety of websites during that time though I’ve had the most success with blogs, forums, directories and content websites.

JD: What drove you to build WPmods? Did you have a “goal” in mind for the site?

KM: I sold my last website two years ago. Before the site was sold I looked into a few different ideas for my next project.

In the three years of running BloggingTips I wrote a lot of articles regarding WordPress. I also released several WordPress themes for free and launched a WordPress theme store as well (which I later sold). It was therefore an easy decision to start a WordPress website. I knew the platform well, kept up to date with the latest WordPress news and developments and I enjoyed writing about it.

JD: When you conceived the idea of WPmods, what were some of the first things you did to get the site off the ground?

KM: I decided to sell BloggingTips at the end of 2009. It was sold on Flippa on a 30 day auction so by the time the site was sold I had been planning the launch of WP Mods for around 5-6 weeks.

One of the first things I did was decide on the categories. I didn’t want to have dozens of categories so I decided on 6 topics and to this day the site has the same number of categories. Before launching I also wrote a lot of content. I wrote a few weeks worth of posts and I wrote guest posts on some blogs in order to promote the site.

I also purchased a unique design for the site so I spent a lot of time working with the designers BlogDesignStudio on that.

JD: Content development: Throughout the history of WPmods, what were some of the things you focused on for content? Why?

KM: Themes and plugins were reviewed throughout the life of the site. From time to time I would do more news posts or write more detailed tutorials as well. I made a concious effort to try and balance the content so that all WordPress topics were covered.

JD: What were some of the biggest money makers for you at WPmods? How did you make them successful?

KM: ThemeForest was the biggest earner because I reviewed a lot of ThemeForest themes. Some theme stores converted very poorly whilst others, such as Elegant Themes, convert well as they offer customers fantastic value for money. Generally speaking, the more themes I reviewed from a theme store, the more commissions I made through them.

JD: SEO. What were some of your tactics for generating links back to your site? Viral content? Link bait?

KM: I’m not a huge SEO guy. I made sure the design I used was SEO friendly and checked stats every few weeks but I spent more of my time and energy on just writing good content. List posts that listed hundreds of themes, plugins or resources were obviously good link bait articles but I never aggressively marketed them.

JD: If you were to create another “WPmods” today, what are some of the things you would do differently?

KM: Hindsight is a wonderful thing :) Throughout the life of WP Mods I published an article every day – not one day was missed. Perhaps if I focused on longer more in-depth articles the site would have grown quicker. I would have liked to have spent more time developing plugins and themes for the community too.

On the whole though I was happy with the way the site was progressing.

JD: Would you explain why you decided to sell WPmods?

KM: I would have liked to have kept it but I needed money to develop another project. I’m launching a few martial arts related websites and was really encouraged by the start they made without investment and realised that I needed more money, and time, to develop them.

All of the money that was made from the sale of the site is being used to develop my new websites – so I won’t actually be any richer (in the short term anyway). I would certainly have kept the site if I had $50k to invest in my new projects.

JD: What is up next for your life?

KM: Whilst I’m from the UK, I travel a lot and have stayed in a lot of different places around the world. For the last 9 or 10 months I have been living in Colombia. I’m going to the Galapogos Islands in Ecuador in a few weeks time and I am planning on returning to Scotland for a few months this Summer to catch up with my family and friends. I’m then flying back to Peru to travel around South America.

These plans certainly influenced my decision to sell WP Mods as I was looking for projects that made me money without having to be there every day. When I get settled somewhere for 6 months or so I will probably re-evaluate what I am doing online and perhaps launch a content website that requires more of my time. I love blogging so I’d love to launch another blog (perhaps a tech related blog). At the moment, I am enjoying taking a break from writing as it’s something I did pretty much every day for more than 5 years.

JD: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

KM: I would encourage everyone to continue reading WP Mods. The new owner Mike has a great knowledge of WordPress and affiliate marketing and has some big plans for the site. I’m sure you’ll all be pleased with the direction he takes the site.

Thank you Kevin!


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