Themecredible Launches a WordPress Premium Theme Club

We have another player in the WordPress premium themes space. Themecredible.

After 4 years of successfully developing freemium WordPress themes to the ever awesome WordPress community, today marks the launch of our very own WordPress Themes Club which caters to the premium themes market.

They are promising World Class Themes, Incredible Customer Support, and Loads of Premium Freebies.

They are offering two types of membership, Power and Basic, with an introductory promo of 50% for the first 100 customers. Simple use the promo code “INCREDIBLE50” to get the 50% off. Power is priced at $100/6 months and Basic is priced at $30/6 months. What’s the primary difference between the two levels? Support, photoshop files, and free installation.

The ironic thing is that they say that they will have incredible customer support, but it appears as if they only offer customer support to those at the Power level.

You can follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook as well.