The Human Side of WooThemes

WooThemes recently gave their homepage a refresh, a refresh that I’m in love with.

The one element of the page that I think they executed on really well, is bringing their support team to life.

WooThemes, Supported by Real People

Does your support team exist?

One thing I’ve seen far too often with premium theme companies, is a lack of humanity behind the company. Whether it’s a fairly blank About Us page, or an empty Twitter feed, or the lack of a physical address or email address, these elements help build credibility and trust in a consumer when coming to your company’s site.

By adding the “Supported by Real People” and “in 7 countries, across just about every timezone!”, it really instills faith in me that if I purchase from this company, they have my back. I know they’re human and that someone will respond to me. I don’t have to depend on just the community or just the FAQs or readme files, but rather I know someone will be there to help me.

Going back to my main point, I’m really happy to see that WooThemes took the opportunity to humanize their homepage to show that there are actual humans behind the screen helping build their company.


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