WooThemes.com, Redesigned.

In a huge relaunch, WooThemes launched a new site and soon, new services. I really like the “Apple approach” that they took in re-designing their site. The new design highlights specific offerings that WooThemes has and it feels very well thought out.

WooCommerce Subscription Billing Extension

WooCommerce is a great free e-Commerce platform for WordPress. It offers a lot of functionality out of the box and makes it easy to get started running your own e-Commerce website. Today marks the announcement of WooCommerce Subscription Billing. Here are just a few things you could sell using this subscription billing: Selling magazines —…

4 WooCommerce Themes from ThemeForest

WooCommerce is an easy-to-use, open source, e-commerce platform from WooThemes. Here are four great WooCommerce themes from ThemeForest that you can purchase to use for your shopping site. Shopping Theme Details – Shopping Demo Abundance Theme Details – Demo Handmade Theme Details – Handmade Demo Aventura Theme Details – Aventura Demo BONUS THEME! Sommerce Theme…