StudioPress announces monthly exclusive deals for customers, starting with Synthesis

In a recent email to its customers, StudioPress announced that the company will be offering one “exceptionally special” per month this year.
Websynthesis - Genesis Hosting
January’s special deal is a customer-only rate for its WordPress managed hosting offering, Synthesis.

A little background on Synthesis:

Why did we get into the hosting business? The whole thing started with our frustration with web hosting in general and our own hard-core hosting requirements.

Specifically, the fact that a lot of “WordPress hosting” amounts to generic one-click installation of the CMS on a standardly-configured box — which simply doesn’t cut it for optimal performance and security.

So, two years ago we decided to manage our high-traffic network of content and product sites ourselves. And we host your sites with the same dedication and attention to detail as we do with our own.

So what’s the deal?

StudioPress is offering new and existing customers these special rates:

  • 3 months of hosting free if you choose our “Starter” plan, or
  • 1 month of hosting free if you start with the “Professional” plan

You can get this deal by using the promo code: 20130122

The StudioPress promo code is valid until 1/28.

You must be a new or existing customer of StudioPress and must be a new customer for Synthesis.

The deal was announced on 1/22 and it’s only valid until 1/28, which does seem a little odd. I would have thought they wanted the deal to run all month long, rather just under a week. Maybe they just got this email out late and they’ll be closer to the beginning of the month in February.

Will you move?

The question for me is: is 3 months of free hosting enough to get you to move? Personally, I’ve been involved with web hosting for 10+ years so I know how finicky and tricky the industry can be. Acquiring customers can be equally difficult in the web hosting space, looking at some web hosting companies offering upwards of $200 per sale affiliate bounties to acquire new customers.

I would really like to know, though, what would it take to get you to move to a new hosting platform?


  1. By on

    After trying different levels of VPS, Grid hosting and pro shared, there’s nothing you could do to convince me to move from my current host.

    Based on my experience, Managed hosting is the best however i have never tried Synthesis as i have already found the best managed host.

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    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      I agree, it would be extremely difficult to get me to switch hosting providers. I’ve been with LiquidWeb hosting for 6+ years now and been extremely happy with their service, pricing, and support.

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  2. By on

    As a synthesis customer that purchased the theame during that time. And never saw any promotional like this I am deeply disappointed as I believe if you want the customer you have to invite the rules and Playfair. I would honestly appreciate that I had gotten the chance to take advantage of that maybe I would’ve thought more things from copy blogger. However this is a disappointment.

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    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      I certainly see where you frustration is coming from. Hopefully StudioPress can do a better job of being proactive in the future.

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    • By Sam on


      Besides the issue that you mentioned here are you happy with Synthesis? I am thinking of moving over to them and would love to hear from someone objective before I do so.

      I am so tired of my current host with their bad support. I don’t have to make the same mistake again. Moving is such a hassle.

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      • By on

        Are you asking me about my experience with web synthesis or all managed WordPress hosting companies I’ve dealt with? I have an account or have had accounts with every one WP engine, Zippy kid, web synthesis, pagely and press labs. Out of those I only have one that I no longer have. However it is because of a mistake on my and instead of the post so I cannot put that to play.

        I think they are a good hosting company. It depends a real lot on what you plan to do with your site? May I ask how many hits you get a day or month?
        Might I ask if you are going to bring more sites on then just your own?
        Do you mind spending a little bit more? For the small things?
        Akismet is $5 a month I’m not saying that’s a lot I’m just saying it adds up. Do you have a lot of webpages? Do you value speed over anything else? What is the longest you will wait for customer service? Before becomes bad service?

        I’m happy to share with you my opinions of the hosting companies I’ve just spoken of. And I will say I do like web synthesis. It is much better hosting then the regular stuff. Do you have a large pages over 2MB? Would you think a CDN would benefit you? Do you want to pay for or have to find free DNS? When you can get it for free with some other companies? Not talking about cheap junk DNS talking about DynECT $200 a month same thing web synthesis uses for their own site.

        How many page hits do get a month?
        Would you like to have your site optimized by Google,Net DNA and edge cast for no cost?
        Would you be willing to pay $47, $50 or $93 a month for a CDN? Or are you looking for a base package? If you’re looking for the base package do you want everything included meaning you essentially would have to pay depended on the host up to $150.0 migration of your site or you could do it yourself? Do you like control panels that allow you to do more than see just the basics of your server?
        Who else have you used?
        Please do not think I have given you the answer yet. I need to know the answers to those other questions give you an honest answer.

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