Standard Theme Lives on with WooThemes

8BIT WordPress Themes

In a recent email to its customers, 8BIT announced that its Standard Theme will live on under the control of WooThemes.

Here is an email excerpt from Joel at WooThemes.

Dear Standard Theme Users,

Joel here from WooThemes. Like many of you, we were surprised to hear about 8BIT closing down. We have a lot of respect for the 8BIT team and had nothing less than great experiences working with John and the rest of the team.

From afar, we have always admired Standard Theme and felt honoured to have our flagship theme, Canvas, compared to Standard Theme. When 8BIT made this announcement, we took some time to consider how we could help out.

We realised pretty quickly that we couldn’t sit back and let Standard Theme die. Thus, we decided to approach John and the 8BIT team with a plan to take over Standard Theme.

Our commitment to you as Standard Theme users is to look after Standard Theme for at least the next year. We will do our best to ensure Standard Theme is bug-free and compatible with the upcoming WordPress releases (up to WordPress version 4.0).

While we will be looking after Standard Theme for the next year, we’d like to confirm that we will not be selling Standard Theme on I’d also like to mention that 8BIT will be keeping their ZenDesk Community Support open for another month.

If you aren’t familiar with WooThemes, we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the Woo Family. We will do our best to take good care of you. Thank you to John and the 8BIT crew for giving us this opportunity to take care of your product and amazing community of WordPress users.

This is really exciting news for the WordPress community, as 8BIT recently announced their shutdown.