Simple Social Icons by StudioPress

Brian, over at the StudioPress blog, just announced the release of Simple Social Icons.

After quickly installing it to test it out, this plugin is a breeze to add social media icons to your sidebar.

Nathan Rice, who is part of the StudioPress team, built this plugin. It uses beautiful CSS and rounded corners to achieve the flexibiliity of customizing the colors in-line of the widget.

The social media icons that are included are: Dribble, Email, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, RSS, StumbleUpon, and Twitter.

On top of already providing an easy to use plugin, they went ahead and used sprites for the images, to ensure that you only load one image asset, rather than calling the server several times for each social icon.

Overall, I’m very pleased and excited for this plugin release. It will help you add social icons to your sidebar, easily, smoothly, and customized to fit your color schema and design.

Maybe in next-round iteration of the plugin they may offer different styles of the images, rather than just the one.

[wpfplugin link=”” download=””]

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