Scribe SEO: Improve SEO Copywriting and Increase Your Rankings

Scribe SEO is a one of kind WordPress plugin. In short, Scribe will help you analyze your content, ensure you meet minimum requirements for length and keyword density, and overall guide you towards writing content that is easier to read. Let’s dive into how to improve your SEO copywriting through Scribe.

Setting up Scribe SEO

Scribe SEO Supported Plugins and ThemesScribe works with a lot of different themes and SEO plugins, providing flexibility in how you want to manage your titles, descriptions, and/or keywords. Currently supported plugins are: All-in-one SEO, FV All-in-One SEO, Headspace2, Platinum SEO Pack, SEO ultimate, wpSEO, and [my favorite] WordPress SEO by Yoast. The currently supported themes are: Catalyst, Genesis, Frugal, Headway, Headway 3.0, Headway 3.1+, Hybrid, Thesis, and WooThemes.

Custom post types? No problem. The Scribe settings will allow you to specify any post type that you have registered.

Unlike most other “robust” plugins, Scribe has a simple settings page under Settings » Scribe Settings, so it stays out of the way. You enter your API key, set how you want to manage your SEO, and that’s it, there isn’t much more to it.

Optimizing Your Content

On-page, when you’re writing content, this is where the real magic happens. Scribe automatically knows when you’re ready to analyze the page. It does require a Custom Title Tag and Meta Description to be entered, but you should be managing this via your Theme settings or Plugin on-page already. Then once you’re ready, you can get your Content Score and really see how your writing is doing.

Here’s a look at what an analyzed post looks like.

Completed Scribe Content Analysis

One of the things I notice right away is the reading level. Google made this change in late 2010, offering a way to filter search results based on the readability of the content. Having content that is easy to read can certainly help you rank higher.

SEO Keyword Research

Scribe SEO Keyword ResearchKeyword research is one of the more important tasks you should be doing when copywriting. You need to know which keywords to be using, in what combination or as a phrase, to ensure that the search engines Google recognizes what you’re trying to target as the topic of the copy.

Scribe SEO makes it really easy to tap into unlimited keyword research, whether you’re searching broadly or want to narrow it down with a phrase or exact.

Social Link Building

As if this plugin didn’t do enough already, the Copyblogger team decided to add just one more amazing feature. Given the existing keywords you’ve already entered and optimized for, they help you determine ways to market the content.

Scribe Social Link Building

You can choose external links, internal links, or social media. External links may help with trackbacks or getting another site to write about your content. Internal links can be an easy way to cross-promote your existing content. Social media provides Klout scores and topically related users that you may want to reach out to so they can help promote your content.

So Why Choose Scribe SEO?

Try Scribe SEO Today!Scribe SEO is easily the best SEO copywriting helper plugin that I’ve ever seen or used. It makes it drop dead simple to use and help optimize your content for maxmimum exposure.

Whether you’re just starting out with copyrighting articles, eager to improve your seo copywriting, or if you even offer your own copywriting services, Scribe SEO is an ideal plugin to help you each step of the way.

Scribe SEO has plugins for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla — which all come part of the Scribe Web service you pay for.

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