7 Beautiful Pinterest WordPress Themes

Pinterest-styled websites are growing faster and faster today. Whether you’re just looking for a WordPress Pinterest clone template, or true Pinterest usability in a WordPress theme, below are some great options to choose from for a WordPress Pinterest theme to fit any of your needs.

Pin It

Here are 4 themes that can help you create your own Pinterest-like website.

TheStyle at Elegant Themes

Check out Elegant Themes’ TheStyle theme »

Check out Elegant Themes’ TheStyle theme demo »

Pinboard by Themify

Pinboard for WordPress by Themify

Check out Themify’s Pinboard theme »

Check out Themify’s Pinboard theme demo »

PinPress (Premium – $69)

PinPress - Pinterest for WordPress

[wpfthemes details=”http://go.wpforce.com/pinpress” preview=”http://go.wpforce.com/pinpress-demo” price=”$69″]

Brick and Mason

Check out the Brick and Mason theme »

Check out the Brick and Mason theme demo »

Shaken Grid (lite) (Free)

[wpfthemes details=”http://shakenandstirredweb.com/theme/shaken-grid-free” preview=”http://shakenandstirredweb.com/themes/” price=”FREE!”]

Imbalance 2 (Free)

[wpfthemes details=”http://wpshower.com/themes/imbalance-2/” preview=”http://wpshower.com/demo/?theme=imbalance2″ price=”FREE!”]

BONUS! Added 2/20/12

Sentient for WooCommerce by WooThemes

[wpfthemes details=”http://themeforest.wpforce.com/item/sentient/4137860″ preview=”http://themeforest.wpforce.com/item/sentient/full_screen_preview/4137860″ price=”$70″]


  1. By TJ on

    Funny, was just thinking last night I wonder if there is a “pinterest” theme or application for WordPress yet.. thanks for the list. Figured if there are “groupon scripts” for $499.00 someone can make WP become a Pinterest site.

    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      These are just a few initial Pinterest WordPress themes, I’m sure there will be plenty more coming out in the near future. Just like copycats of Facebook, or Digg, etc.

      • By TJ on

        Yeah it always happens that way. I’m sure there will be “pinterest” sites that fill niches next. Once Groupon hit it big 1000s of clones and niches hit next.

    • By Heedy on

      Hey Tj. I agree. that the next phase- niche pinterest sites that addresses a need. I’ve been tinkering with a niche idea lately using the pinterest visual concept, but I need help. Do you have any ideas of someone (or you) willing to come on board?

  2. By DJ Wilkins on

    I’m still waiting for someone to create one that mimics the “Pinterest Board” page and organization form.

    Hoping that’s just around the corner.

    • By DJ Wilkins on


      One of the great things about Pinterest for sharing is that it avoids the issue of what you share getting buried deep into your own thread (Facebook or typical blog feed.)

      Yes, many blogs have categories you can click on like Pinterest boards for organized content, but Pictures / Boards at front and center > Words / TOC style on the right IMHO.

      So I’ll wait.

      • By on

        Agree with you DJ W. I want to see the REAL pinterest theme. not trying to match style, but usability of pinterest. some of above ones suck. for example i tried Shakken and Grid FREE and it’s disaster – you have to upgrade just have comments?! not really wordpress free theme, more just ad for premium version.

        above is great collection of themes. thanks for that. it would be great to hear experience from other wp users. cheers

      • By on

        By the time someone creates an actually Pinterest WordPress Clone, the possibilities of standing out in the market will more than likely be very slim.

  3. By Calvin Williams on

    4 beautiful themes indeed… I’m not sure of which one to pick, but I am glad that you shared. This really helps me out a lot. Thanks.

  4. By komal patel on

    Excellent WordPress themes with low cost. thanks for sharing this information.

  5. By Guru of Backlinks on

    There’s another theme that I absolutely LOVE, and it does a much better job of capturing a more unique Pinterest feel to me. It’s called LiquidFolio (demo available at http://liquidfolio.queldorei.com/) and it’s not just blog posts with featured images that can benefit from the Pinboard-like setup. Video, audio, tweets and other status updates as well as links, quotes (for for business websites, testimonials) and regular blog content can all be a part of the setup. In my opinion this makes the theme MUCH more versatile. And I love that it’s responsive, something that’s a must WP themes these days.

    Perhaps you can add in a screen shot and a short description as an update to your post!


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