Pin Board WordPress Theme by Apptha [SPONSORED REVIEW]

Pinterest is definitely one of the hottest sites around now. People love create boards and pinning products, sites, and other things to their boards. Most WordPress Pinterest themes may not have the exact functionality that Pinterest has, but here is one that does. has created a look-a-like Pinterest theme for WordPress.

Let’s take a look at the theme. In the demo I’m screencapping, we can see a Technology section of the site.

Pinterest for WordPress: Category View

When looking at a front-page view like this, you can actually leave comments directly on each pin directly from this view. The user does have to be logged in to leave comments or “Like” a pin, but that could easily be solved by allowing users to register and login to WordPress via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

When we click into one of the pins, you can get a single-view for each pin.

Pinterest for WordPress: Single View


I did notice that in the source, the theme is using two <h1> tags, which is generally a bad idea for SEO. You typically only want to use a single <h1> tag, then multiple <h2> and <h3> tags, etc. I didn’t see any use of an h2 or h3 tag, unfortunately. (Reference: SEOmoz)

After some further testing of the theme in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, I noticed some issues in Firefox, but the other browsers checked out just fine. Besides the lack of h tag usage, the rest of the code seems to be pretty clean and user-friendly.

As another recommendation to the theme creators, I suggest they make the zip file which the theme comes in, a one-click unzip and make the theme available immediately. I noticed that I had to unzip multiple files before I finally got to the theme files and that is not industry standard on packaging up a theme.


Overall, it looks like a great WordPress Pinterest clone that could easily be used to build your own Pinterest site in WordPress.

Head on over to and grab it today! (Click here for a demo)


  1. By WP Themes Daily on

    This theme is best for Photographers to show their photos in Pinterest style :) It’s not unique, but it’s great

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  2. By archer on

    The problem is is that the wordpress theme from apptha is a clone only for one user at a time.
    You can not log in and then create multiple user profiles and boards.

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    • By Jonathan Dingman on

      I wouldn’t necessarily think that’s a problem, but more of just how it’s designed.

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