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In a move to better globalize its operations, WordPress managed hosting company recently announced that it is adding a POP in the UK.

Here is what Joshua Strebel had to say about the updates:

We have a fair amount of clients in the UK already and today we are happy to announce the availability of new caching nodes or a POP (Point Of Presence) in the UK. Enjoy even faster load times for your UK and European based traffic. Are you ready for UK WordPress Hosting by the founders of Managed WordPress Hosting?

How’s it Work?

The main Pagely DC is based in Dallas TX, and the UK POP is a cacheing layer. So that means requests routed through the UK facility will enjoy faster response times for UK and European cached traffic. Site owners that login, or cold-cache requests will still route back to Dallas and will see the same speeds “accross-the-pond” as you do now. All in all your UK/Euro vistors should see a great speed improvement on the majority of requests to your site.

CNAME for now.

For now we are just providing a CNAME for you to map your Domain DNS too. The underlying IP address may change in the near future so we do not want to encourage you to map an A record directly to the IP at this time. If your site uses a subdomain like www. or blog. this will work perfectly.

As an effort to help support the growing international business, particularly in the UK, decided to launch a country-specific domain as well:

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    I can to see a niche however if somebody is selling the exact same thing in the UK as there are in the US and use a .com then build an identical website and service for an in server inside Britain with a can be done without creating duplicate content in Google’s eyes. I imagine there are many companies that I want to be quicker over the pond on each end.

    The only way I could see this being beneficial is for somebody similar to Yoast he is obviously a big enough name to warrant a website in his own language with its own TLD.
    However from his choice of synthesis I believe the large majority of traffic comes from the United States. I think that’s great Yoast is a wonderful coder and marketer. that happens to live in the Netherlands. I I think the idea of having a very fast website all over the world or as soon as many parts of the world since you can is essential. So I don’t have anything personally against it I believe the cost is the same is simply a matter of DNS and a C name to decide whether or not your website’s cached in the UK along with Arizona. Is an option I believe to anyone using Pagely my best guess is it’s a test to see how many people are interested. Then making a decision on whether or not to spend the money making another and staffing it the UK or Amsterdam where fire host has some fantastic data centers most likely is delaying the project however the IP dictates a lot to Google as we all know. it is I’m sure possible to rank very well with a TLD for Britain and a POP to speed up the site would be something everyone would have to do That even contemplated moving into the market.

    I don’t see anything wrong with it however the UK a good part of Europe WP engine, Peasslabs and now ZippyKid have the ability and are currently hosting websites out of the data centers of their partner hosts it would be great if and web synthesis could host from the data centers there as well. there is talk of media Temple a data center in some part of Europe and fire host has two there. I imagine it’s the next logical step to keep up.

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