The Mystery and Community at

You may have heard of ManageWP, a site focused around helping website owners manage their installation(s) of self-hosted WordPress. Site owners running on WP Engine or need not this service as they are already managed, but for the rest of us millions of site owners out there, it’s a great service.

In a blog post last month by James Mowery, CEO of, he talks about revealing a community project that will show the appreciate that ManageWP has for the WordPress community, as well as help the community continue to grow.

Based on the mock shown on, it looks like it could be an iGoogle type page, allowing people to stay in touch with everything-WordPress happening on the web.

The main page just has the screenshot and an opt-in form right now, as well as a countdown clock which is scheduled to strike around the morning of July 29th, 2013.

UPDATE 11:02am: I reached out to Vladimir, founder and president of ManageWP, and he had this to say about the upcoming

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