Mojo Themes to offer 100% GPL Licensing

In an effort to become more WordPress-friendly, Mojo Themes is the latest company to announce that it will soon be offering 100% GPL licensing.
Love GPL
Just recently, Envato — the company behind ThemeForest, announced that ThemeForest (and CodeCanyon) would soon be offering GPL licensing.

In a recent turn of events, the homepage was updated to include a “Premium Themes” section. This section highlights a Premium Themes company or marketplace. gets a lot of traffic. Take it with a grain of salt, but has an Alexa of 105. links to Premium Themes

In an effort to have the good graces of the WordPress Foundation, companies are seeing the light to move to GPL licensing, as that is what is required to be “WordPress-compliant.”

Is it a smart move? I think so.

GPL provides more freedom both for developers and consumers, so offering a GPL license when selling is a good way to go.